Assaf Shmueli

My name is Assaf Shmueli and I am a media consultant, who in the past 6 years focused in dealing with online shaming and social media crises. As the owner of CommentSense New Media, I provide solutions to SMB and brands, allowing them to deal with – and leverage – the challenges presented by social media users.

I established Hamashberist to share the knowledge that I have gained so far on my journey. Now, after few years on the road, it's time to be accessible also in English. All the information on my blog is based on self research undertaken and insights developed, by treating and tracking dozens cases of online shaming and social media crises.

In addition to case study analysis, Hamashberist answers questions such as: What is online shaming? What causes online shaming? When does it turn into a social media crisis? Why does it happen? Is it treatable? How do we deal with it? And more…

Welcome to the only blog which dives into the ‘social shit storm’ and tries to create some order in it.

I promise that things will be interesting, original and innovative.